I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking to me about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers. Isaiah 65:24

Monday, January 30, 2012

New projects

I finally finished the Patchwork Baby Blanket that I started last summer. It is for Abigail Sue, Nathan and Lynn's baby girl who will be born on or around June 1st. I made it out of Cascade 220. There were 25 squares. I used pink, blue, and green because when the blanket was started Lynn was not pregnant yet and we did not know the gender of the baby.

Also finished the Willow Cowl. I gave Kelli the pattern and yarn for this cowl for Christmas and we were going to have a knit-along. She struggled somewhat with it and has put it aside for a while. It is very pretty and warm.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Found more photos

I found a photo of the felted tote bag. It is very large. I gave it to Lynn for her birthday. Also made Robbie the Radiant Robot for Ethan and Leila, Lydia, and Lucas monsters for Chloe for Christmas. Found a very cute pattern for a mother rabbit with an apron that holds little bunny finger puppets. Will try to make it for Chloe for Easter.

Long time, No Post!!

Yes, it has been a long time. I have been very busy working on Christmas projects, etc., etc., etc. Just look at all the projects. I made all the hats for our "Dirty Santa" gift giving, but wanted to make special ones for Ron, Nathan, and Mikel. I made 4 pair of felted mittens for Pam, Jenni, Susie, and Lynn. I think their hands will stay warm this winter. Also, made a pair of French Press Felted slippers as requested by Jenni's mom last Christmas. Made a quickie cowl with yarn and pattern from Mary Ann (book club gift) and a pair of fiingerless mitts to help Jennifer keep her hands warm at school. Not pictured is a beautiful felted tote bag (you can see it on Ravelry project page), the Tuck shawl I started on November 2nd, and a fairy and fairy purse for Jordan for Christmas.

We just found out today that Nathan and Lynn will be having a baby girl (Abigail Sue) on or around June 1st.
 I will have to finish the Patchwork Baby Afghan I started last summer and then start in on a newborn sweater and hat. It could be chilly on the 1st of June.  I also have yarn to knit Chloe a beautiful lime green sweater for Easter. I hope to have it finished by March 1st and then I will try to sew a matching dress. Once again, I have many projects in the works, but not the socks I want to make. Oh well, knitting baby items is quick and heartwarming.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Finished the Hats

I finally finished knitting the hats for the family Christmas "Dirty Santa" gift giving. And am I ever sick of knitting hats!! I thought I needed nine, but counted again and realized I only needed eight. That's great because I don't think I could have knit another hat.

Also made a hat called Moochie for Chloe to match her new snow suit. The only problem is she takes off any hat put on her head immediately. Should be an interesting winter for her mom and dad. What's that famous quote? "A parent's revenge is grandchildren. :)

I have now started knitting some monsters for Christmas gifts. I think they will knit up very quickly. Will post photos when completed.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hedgie needs a baby

I taught my niece Kelli to knit and then took her to a yarn shop in Grand Blanc. She fell in love with the knitted hedgehogs they had on display. She signed up for a knitting class so she could learn from a true professional knitter and then be able to make herself a hedgehog. Alas, it wasn't that easy!! She studied the pattern and decided she definitely wasn't ready to make Hedgie. Kelli gave me the pattern and I told her I would make it for a Christmas present. But don't you think Hedgie really needs a baby hedgehog or two. She was definitely easy to knit, but you did need some knitting experience. I think everyone in my family will want one!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finished Objects

Well, Chloe didn't turn out too badly. Her head is big, but you don't notice it as much with the hair on. I hope to make more dresses for her wardrobe. The Quincy hat was a "wash". It is really big. I washed it, hoping it  would shrink some, but I think it got even bigger.
Also, have been busy making hats for Christmas gifts. My plan is to make nine, one for each male guest at our family Christmas get together. Then, we will do something like a Dutch Auction (or Dirty Santa) where you don't end up with the original gift you were given. If I am really ambitious, I will make scarves for the women and play the same game. We'll see, Christmas is still a long way off though.

Also, completed the Clover scarf. This is a scarf made from two colors. They gray part is wound around your neck and the pink sections will hang down. It was a pretty easy and quick scarf to make. Am currently working on my first shawl. It is also going quickly. Will post a photo when I have finished.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have been working on Chloe, the doll on the front cover that goes along with Spud the sheep. The two brown blobs on the right are what I have knitted so far. The large brown blob is the body and the smaller brown blob is the head. Seriously?? Look how big the head is compared to the body. I do have to cover the top with hair, but am I going to have a doll that will tip over because her head is so big???? We'll see! I decided while knitting Chloe that I needed to also be working on something pretty. So I started (and finished) the Quincy hat. I loved knitting the hat because you knit an I-Cord on each side. I've never done that before. The yarn is beautiful and soft. But, alas, I don't like the hat. It's sort of big. Supposedly a man can wear this hat as well. I know Ron would never wear it! I guess I will just have to give it to the Coat Giveaway program at our church. My projects this week will be to: 1. Finish the Chloe doll 2. Continue to work on the Chicory scarf I started (again because I needed to work on something besides brown blobs!).