I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking to me about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers. Isaiah 65:24

Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Day Off!!!

Thanks to another day off school (someone let the air out of about 5o bus tires), I was able to get some serious knitting done. I am at the point now of starting the heels of the socks I am knitting. Tried to watch the video of how to do the heel tonight, but of course I have no idea how to start the *#*# thing. I have to wait for Ron to get home to show me how to do it (again).

I spent most of last week finishing up the Batkus scarf I started. It is a simple triangle scarf that is really great for using up leftover yarn. I used my Studio June yarn that I used for my scarf and hat. The scarf did not turn out as long as I would have liked. I thought about unraveling it and making a teddy bear out of the yarn. But I don't think there would be enough to do that either. So, I'll just keep the scarf and wear it tied around my neck sort of like a bandana. It is really warm.

Next project will be making a brother and mother rabbit to match the sister rabbit I made. I'm going to use them for my Easter dinner centerpiece. They knit up really fast so I am not worried about getting them done for Easter.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

On a non-knitting post, I am very excited about my great find at Town Hall Antiques in Romeo today. I have admired these cannisters for about a year now and finally decided to purchase them. They are Purinton Pottery and were made around 1941. They match my kitchen perfectly and I love them. I also found another stringholder to add to my collection.

Okay, here's the little Cutie Patootie in her sweater. As I said, it just fits her right now. She won't wear it very many times. The pattern goes up to a size 6, so maybe I can make it again for her when she is older and will wear it longer.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I finally finished Chloe Grace's Easter sweater and hat. The hat of course is too big for her. The pattern sizes range from 0-6 months and then 6-12 months. When I make the larger size for her, it is too big. I may whip up a bunny hat this week that hopefully will fit her better. I had plans to make a matching jumper, but that is just not going to happen.

I started a Baktus scarf for myself and am also working on my socks. Can't wait to go to yarn shops in NYC and hopefully find some really cool sock yarn.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What A Blessing A Snow Day Is!!!

I LOVE snow days. Having Friday off enabled me to finish Lynn's Curly Q scarf. It is not as long as I thought it would be, but I think it will be okay.
Thanks to the previous Friday's snow day, I finished Chloe Grace's Easter sweater. I still have to block it and sew the buttons on. I finished knitting the matching hat and now have to knit the chicks that will go around it. I'll finish it all this week so we can take it down to her next weekend.
I went to a "Yarn Open House" on Saturday. It was for Plucky Yarn and was at the home of Melynda Benardi who is the designer for French Press Knits. I have made four pairs of the felted ballet slipper that she designed. After the open house I went to the Basketful of Yarn shop in Clarkston. It was a nice little shop with a good variety of yarn. Will definitely visit there more often.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I cannot believe how long this crazy, but really cute, Curly Q scarf is taking to knit. I thought it would go really fast because it is simply the garter stitch (all knit, no purl). I wanted to be finished with it before I start Chloe Grace's Easter hat on Thursday, but I'm not going to be done. Part of the problem is that I cast on my next pair of socks and I am trying out a new pattern on the leg. I wanted to see how that pattern was going to look, so I keep trying to get more rows done on them.

I looked for buttons for Chloe Grace's Easter sweater at JoAnns the other day. NOTHING. I will have to go to the Flint JoAnns on Saturday where they have more of a selection. How hard can it be to find purple buttons?????

Sunday, March 6, 2011


The good news is that I finished Chloe Grace's Easter sweater. The bad news is that it fits her just right... right now. How will it fit at Easter? I toyed with the idea of making another one a size bigger. I have plenty of time. But, I have decided not to do that. I am just going to give it to her to wear to church in April. She shouldn't grow that much in the next few weeks, right? So, I will start the matching hat this week.

I also finished my second pair of socks and I love them so much that I cast on another pair today. Ron has fits when I have so many projects going on. I like to have the variety. That way if I get tired of one, I can just pick up a different project. So my WIP for this week are

  1. Finish the Curly Q scarf for Lynn

  2. Start the matching hat for Chloe Grace's Easter sweater

  3. Work on my third pair of socks

  4. Look for material to make a matching dress for the sweater, probably purple

  5. Sew buttons on the sweater and block it.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Well, it's time to update my knitting status. I have been concentrating mainly on Chloe Grace's Easter sweater. This weekend I will be sure it fits her before I start the matching hat. I just have to sew the sleeve seams and graft the underarms. It is adorable and I think the colors could be considered for spring or even fall.

I am definitely planning on finishing the socks and the Curly Q scarf by next week. I think I must be a little "anal". I have a project list and now I have started making notes on a calendar of what point I want to be at on my projects by certain days. Oh well, at least if I don't make my deadlines, I am okay with it.