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Monday, July 11, 2011

Knitting ADHD!!

I have many projects in the works right now (WIPs). I start one, then start another, and then another. I think the problem is that I was working on a hooded pullover for Chloe and wasn't seeing progress. So I started other projects that would knit up faster. As you can see by the photo above, I have several UFOs right now (Unfinshed objects).

I started the multi-colored hooded pullover for Chloe's 1st birthday on August 1st. I am making a size 18 months. I realized it was going to be too big for her, so I started the pink sweater. It is sized 12-18 months, so I think she can wear it this fall and winter. I made one sock from my new sock book, Socks a la Carte, and have the second one to start and finish. I also started making squares for a patchwork baby afghan. I'm hoping by the time I finish, Lynn will be pregnant and it will be already for the baby shower. I also started a red scarf from Charm yarn. It is very simple and something I can work on when I don't want to think too much. I also have completed a felted diaper bag for the hopefully soon to be held baby shower.

In the other picture you can see some beautiful skeins of sock yarn. There is enough to make 5 pairs of socks, in addition to the one I have to finish from Socks a la Carte. Again, I really don't have time to work. I decided to spend one hour each day this summer knitting during the morning. (I usually only knit when I sit down to watch TV in the evening.) So far I have only been able to do that 3 times and it is already July 11th!! While I knit I listen to the Never Not Knitting podcasts on the I-pad. It is inspiring to listen to and makes me want to knit even more. Hopefully I will be back soon with photos of completed projects!

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  1. Hi Val,
    Missed you at bookclub! Your blog site is fabulous. I love the photos. I'm going to start checking regularly so keep updating. I'm still wanting to make some mini scrapbooks - bought all the stuff I need but just can't get started. I also have a million projects started but not completed. Mostly working in the yard, which I love, so the inside jobs can wait until the winter. Mary P.