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Monday, January 2, 2012

Long time, No Post!!

Yes, it has been a long time. I have been very busy working on Christmas projects, etc., etc., etc. Just look at all the projects. I made all the hats for our "Dirty Santa" gift giving, but wanted to make special ones for Ron, Nathan, and Mikel. I made 4 pair of felted mittens for Pam, Jenni, Susie, and Lynn. I think their hands will stay warm this winter. Also, made a pair of French Press Felted slippers as requested by Jenni's mom last Christmas. Made a quickie cowl with yarn and pattern from Mary Ann (book club gift) and a pair of fiingerless mitts to help Jennifer keep her hands warm at school. Not pictured is a beautiful felted tote bag (you can see it on Ravelry project page), the Tuck shawl I started on November 2nd, and a fairy and fairy purse for Jordan for Christmas.

We just found out today that Nathan and Lynn will be having a baby girl (Abigail Sue) on or around June 1st.
 I will have to finish the Patchwork Baby Afghan I started last summer and then start in on a newborn sweater and hat. It could be chilly on the 1st of June.  I also have yarn to knit Chloe a beautiful lime green sweater for Easter. I hope to have it finished by March 1st and then I will try to sew a matching dress. Once again, I have many projects in the works, but not the socks I want to make. Oh well, knitting baby items is quick and heartwarming.

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